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Mode Conditioning Patchcord
> IEEE802.3z(Gigabit Ethernet)compliant
> Suitable for Gigabit 1000 BASE-LX on multimode cable
> Eliminate Differential Mode Delay effects
> Tested and approved to Gigabit Ethernet protocols-Coupled
   Power Ratio(CPR)
> Function like standard patch cords
> Riser,Plenum,and LSZH cables avaliable
  > Gigabit Ethernet hardware upgrade
Mode Conditioning Patchcord
Cable Plant
62.5/125 or 50/125 MMF
Operating wavelength
Maximum insertion loss
0.5dB (Typ:0.25dB)
Coupled power
28<CPR<40 dB for 62.5μm MMF
12<CPR<20 dB for 50μm MMF
Back reflection

SM channel: 30dB,MM channel: 20dB

Mating Durability
500 mating cycles clean
every 25 < 0.2dB Change
Operating Temp.
-20 ~ 75
Storage Temp.
-40 ~ 85
Connection Type Model Attenuation Value


M-F=Male to Famale
F-F=Female to female
INL=Inline Type


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